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About Us


Jet Subsurface Pumps specializes in artificial lift for servicing oil and gas wells. Jet provides sales and service for Electric Submersible Pumps, Custom Rod Pumps, Plunger/Gas Lift, and Progressive Cavity Pumps. By efficiently servicing the customer's needs and building strong client relationships, our people have made Jet one of the most trusted sources of pump services in the Mid-West and beyond. We have worked hard to earn our reputation, built on the quality of our experienced field technicians and the continued success our customers experience.

Operating as a privately owned company since its formation in 1990, Jet has developed a unique culture, one built with pride and a commitment to providing quality pump service. We also offer cause/effect evaluation for problem solving with existing pumps. We develop close working relationships with customers, enabling us to provide them with time proven methods of increasing production and longer run times for their downhole equipment.


Jet has experienced steady growth for the past 20 years. Our growth and broad selection of services have paralleled the needs of our clients as they operate in an ever-changing and complex world of oil and gas production. Jet is committed to helping companies, effectively and efficiently increase oil and gas production, to help meet America's energy needs. With the addition of our affiliate shop Top Source, located in Coffeyville, Kansas, we are dedicated to offering the same high quality pump services in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana.


Founded by David S. Findley, Sr. in 1990, the company began representing well-known suppliers of Rod Pumps and Progressive Cavity Pumping Systems. The company began providing service to operators located throughout the sixty-four Michigan Lower Peninsula counties, adding Plunger/Gas Lift as a low maintenance alternative.

Jet's engineer brought a great deal of field experience to the company. This value added technical expertise provides customers with proper sizing of P.C. pumps to well conditions, enhancing the success of this form of lift.

In the early 1990's, Michigan's Antrim Shale development reached an all time high of drilling and growth in natural gas production. That was a catalyst of change in direction for the company.

When crude oil and natural gas prices declined, producers were looking for economic ways to reduce costs in production. The company began concentrating on another form of artificial lift, Electric Submersible Pumps, as the solution that would meet this demand. Jet dedicated many man-hours of research and development, collaborating with Alpine Electric, to help develop the I.Q. Process Controller. Together, the downhole system and smart logic controller offered an economical dewatering solution for a large number of Antrim Shale wells. Jet Subsurface Pumps has emerged as the leader in artificial lift in the Mid-West and has expanded operations by locating an affiliate pump sales and service shop Top Source in Coffeyville, Kansas.