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  • Jet Subsurface Pumps is dedicated exclusively to sales, installation, and service of downhole pumping systems. Whether it is a customized Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) system, Plunger/Gas Lift (GL) system, Progressive Cavity (PC) system, or a Rod Pump (RP) system, we can design the appropriate system to meet your specific needs. With our combined years of experience within the industry, we have the know-how to make it happen. Jet has made recommendations for successful lift solutions in shallow wells at 200 ft. to depths in excess of 14,000 ft.

  • Jet Subsurface Pumps has an extensive selection of pumps and motors in stock, so if you need it overnight we can do it. We hold in stock a complete line of quality inventory to compliment every application. We never gamble with the success of your well by using any substandard product or by cutting corners.

  • Among our accomplishments is the average run time among our mid-west based customers of 5.9 years.  Many of our customer testimonials indicate that there have been even longer run times in some wells equipped with our ESP systems, controlled with the adaptive I.Q. Process Controller, since the line was introduced twelve years ago.

  • Whether there is a significant volume or a minimal amount of water that needs to be moved, Jet Subsurface Pumps can design the best system to get the job done.