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Electric Submersible Pumps

Down Hole Gas Separation

  • Jet Subsurface Pumps has been the leader in offering Electric Submersible artificial lift solutions for the past 12 years. For natural gas, oil and methane gas recovery in conventional wells and non-conventional formations such as coal seams and fractured shale, Jet has extensive experience with the Grundfos Coal Bed Methane (CBM) submersible pump. It has proven to be the most durable and cost effective dewatering pump in the industry.
  • Producing oil and gas from coal beds or fractured shale's requires the formation to become de-watered. This has inherent problems as flows decrease, methane gas increases and coal fines are introduced into the wellbore. The Grundfos Coal Bed Methane submersible pump has all 304 stainless steel construction and is designed to withstand the harsh environment that exists in coal bed methane and oil recovery wells. We couple the pumps with the Franklin coal bed methane electric submersible pump motors. These motors have a rugged rotary shaft seal and extra heavy motor base to hold up to harsh environments. Grundfos coal bed methane pumps can also be used in conventional applications. The all-stainless steel construction makes this pump well suited for corrosive environments.
  • For downhole gas separation, we offer a CH4 downhole gas separator/gas shroud. This is also all 304 Stainless steel construction and will hold up well in the harsh oil environments.
  • We supply ESP artificial lift solutions for oil and gas production in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond. Through our affiliate, Top Source, L.L.C. located in Coffeyville, Kansas, we service Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.